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Flying Free Don Besig Pdf

Flying Free by Don Besig: A Choral Classic

Flying Free is a choral piece composed by Don Besig, an American music educator and composer. It was published by Shawnee Press in 1982 and has been a favorite with school choirs for many years. With a lovely melody, a flowing accompaniment and an exceptional text, it continues to be a strong choice for any concert occasion, including graduation. An optional flute part is included. Proven over time to be one of Don's most enduring pieces, this is a choral classic .


The Composer: Don Besig

Don Besig was born in 1936 in Buffalo, New York. He graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in music education and taught vocal music in New York State for 31 years. He also directed church choirs and community choruses. He began composing choral music in 1972 and has written over 400 works for school and church choirs. He has received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to choral music, including the ASCAP Special Award for 25 consecutive years. He retired from teaching in 1997 and continues to compose and conduct workshops and festivals.

The Song: Flying Free

Flying Free is a song that expresses the joy of freedom and the hope of achieving one's dreams. The lyrics are written by Don Besig and Nancy Price, his long-time collaborator. The song begins with a solo or unison section that introduces the main theme: "There is a place I call my own, where I can stand by the sea, and look beyond the things I've known, and dream that I might be free." The song then transitions to a three-part harmony that builds up to a climactic chorus: "Like a bird above the harbor gliding through the sky, I am flying free, and in my mind I know I can go anywhere I choose to go, if I can dream it I can do it, for I was born to fly, I am flying free!" The song repeats the chorus with a modulation and ends with a soft coda that echoes the opening line.

The Sheet Music: PDF or Print on

If you are interested in performing or learning this song, you can find the sheet music online in various formats. You can download the PDF or print it on, a website that allows you to view, play and share music scores. You can also find the sheet music for different ensembles and instruments, such as SATB, SAB, SSA, TTBB, piano-voice, piano-flute-voice, etc. You can also listen to the audio samples and watch the videos of other performers. Alternatively, you can order the sheet music from J.W. Pepper Sheet Music, a leading online retailer of printed music.

Whether you are a singer, a conductor or a listener, you will surely enjoy this beautiful song by Don Besig. Flying Free is a choral classic that celebrates the spirit of freedom and the power of dreams.


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