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Pdf Book Agni Putra Hindi Free Download

Pdf Book Agni Putra Hindi Free Download

Agni Putra is a popular series of historical fantasy novels written by Raj Bharti, a renowned Hindi author. The series follows the adventures of Agni, the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, who is born in the human world and has to face various challenges and enemies. The series is inspired by Hindu mythology, folklore, and history, and blends them with elements of magic, mystery, and romance.

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The series consists of three books: Mayajal, Mahamaya, and Mahakaal. The first book, Mayajal, introduces Agni as a young boy who lives in a village with his foster parents. He discovers his true identity and powers when he encounters a mysterious woman named Maya, who claims to be his mother. He also learns that he has a twin brother named Rudra, who is the leader of a secret cult that worships Shiva. Agni joins Maya and her followers in their quest to find the Shivalinga, a powerful artifact that can grant any wish.

The second book, Mahamaya, continues Agni's journey as he travels to different kingdoms and meets various historical figures such as Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka, and Chanakya. He also faces new enemies such as the Naga king Takshak, the demon king Ravana, and the sorcerer Kalanemi. He also falls in love with a princess named Kavya, who is the reincarnation of his mother Parvati.

The third book, Mahakaal, concludes the series with an epic war between Agni and Rudra, who have become bitter rivals. Agni has to unite the forces of good against Rudra's army of evil, which includes demons, vampires, zombies, and other creatures. Agni also has to face his own inner demons and overcome his doubts and fears. The final battle takes place at Mount Kailash, where Agni has to confront his father Shiva and prove himself worthy of his legacy.

The Agni Putra series is a thrilling and captivating read for fans of historical fiction and fantasy. The series is praised for its rich and vivid descriptions of ancient India, its complex and intriguing characters, its fast-paced and action-packed plot, and its creative and imaginative use of mythology and magic. The series is also known for its social and moral messages that touch upon themes such as destiny, free will, love, loyalty, courage, justice, and faith.

If you are interested in reading the Agni Putra series in Hindi, you can download the pdf books for free from the following links:

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