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Cognitech Video Investigator Keygen 11

Cognitech Video Investigator 11: A Powerful Forensic Video and Image Enhancement Software

Forensic video and image analysis is a crucial task for law enforcement, security, and legal professionals. It involves extracting, enhancing, and interpreting evidence from various sources of digital media, such as CCTV footage, dashcam videos, mobile phone images, and more. However, forensic video and image analysis can be challenging due to the low quality, noise, blur, distortion, compression, and tampering of the original media. Therefore, forensic analysts need a reliable and comprehensive software tool that can help them process and enhance video and image evidence in a fast and accurate way.

One such software tool is Cognitech Video Investigator 11, which is part of the Cognitech TriSuite64 software package. Cognitech Video Investigator 11 is a full-featured forensic video and image enhancement software that offers a vast array of filters and features to improve the quality and clarity of video and image evidence. Cognitech Video Investigator 11 is designed to process video files and still images alike, including enhancing CCTV footage. It is based on Cognitech's proprietary algorithms that are patented in the US and have been accepted in US courts of law since 1992.

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Features of Cognitech Video Investigator 11

Cognitech Video Investigator 11 has many features that make it a powerful and versatile forensic video and image enhancement software. Some of the main features are:

  • Easy to use and powerful interface: Cognitech Video Investigator 11 has an intuitive user interface that allows for interactive change of processing parameters and geometry selection. The user can see the results in real-time in a video preview window. The user can also adaptively estimate the best set of processing parameters for any part of a video frame or any time interval, and apply them to the entire video in a single processing pipeline. This frame-adaptive video processing feature accelerates the user's ability to process videos with varying conditions of blur, noise, distortion, etc.

  • Vast array of selection tools: Cognitech Video Investigator 11 provides the user with a versatile set of tools to select single or multiple objects of interest quickly through the video frames. The user can use smart selection windows, polygons, ellipses, freehand drawing, or color-based selection tools to isolate the regions of interest. The user can also use masks to exclude unwanted regions from processing.

  • Advanced video playback: Cognitech Video Investigator 11 has a movie controller that provides advanced video playback with audio support. The user can adjust which frames of video to playback, how frames are played back, and even synchronize multiple videos. The user can also use bookmarks to mark important frames or events in the video.

  • Extensive library of enhancement filters: Cognitech Video Investigator 11 has almost two hundred proprietary designed plug-ins that can enhance, denoise, deblur, super-resolve, reconstruct, redact, correct, stabilize, measure, analyze, compare, authenticate, and export forensic video and image evidence. Some of the unique filters that can only be found in Cognitech Video Investigator 11 are:

  • FrameFusion: A filter that can fuse multiple frames of video into a single high-resolution image. FrameFusion can be used to enhance license plates, faces, logos, tattoos, or any other details that are blurred or obscured in the original video.

  • Biometric FaceFusion3D: A filter that can enhance resolution of human faces moving in video by using a 3D face model. Biometric FaceFusion3D can improve facial recognition and identification by producing clear and sharp images of faces from low-quality or distant videos.

  • GeoFusion: A filter that can merge geographical information with arbitrary number of videos to investigate and track geographically distributed events or vehicles. GeoFusion can overlay videos on maps or satellite images to show the location and movement of objects or subjects in the videos.