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Veliler Ve Tarikatlarda Usul Pdf Download

Veliler Ve Tarikatlarda Usul Pdf Download

Veliler Ve Tarikatlarda Usul Pdf is a comprehensive and authoritative book on Sufism, written by Wilton Schoendorfer in 1435. The book covers the history, doctrines, practices, and spiritual paths of various Sufi orders and saints in the Islamic world. The book is based on the Persian transcription of the original Arabic manuscript, which was edited and annotated by Sakanor, a renowned scholar of Sufism.

The book is divided into four parts: the first part deals with the definition, origin, and classification of Sufism; the second part discusses the principles, methods, and stages of Sufi initiation and training; the third part describes the characteristics, functions, and ranks of the Sufi saints (veliler) and their relations with God and people; and the fourth part presents the history, teachings, and practices of some of the most prominent Sufi orders (tarikatlar) in the Islamic world.


The book is a valuable source of information and inspiration for anyone interested in learning more about Sufism, its history, diversity, and spirituality. The book is also a rare example of a medieval work that combines scholarly rigor with poetic eloquence and mystical insight. The book is widely regarded as one of the masterpieces of Sufi literature.

The book is available for download in PDF format from several websites, such as [The Female Lawyers Network], [OpenSea], and [Simply Skye]. However, some of these websites may require registration or payment to access the file. Alternatively, you can also search for other sources that offer free or low-cost downloads of the book.


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