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Jos Dream Organic Coffee V1.01 PLUS 2 TRAINER OUTLAWS.rar

Jos Dream Organic Coffee v1.01 PLUS 2 TRAINER OUTLAWS.rar

What is Jos Dream Organic Coffee v1.01 PLUS 2 TRAINER OUTLAWS.rar? It is a file name that contains several information about a video game and a software tool that modifies it. Let's break down the file name into its components and explain what they mean.

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  • Jos Dream Organic Coffee is the name of the video game. It is a casual time management game where the player helps Jo, a young entrepreneur, to open and run a coffee shop. The player can choose from different types of coffee beans, equipment, recipes, and decorations to create a successful business and satisfy the customers. The game was developed by Melesta Games and released in 2012.

  • v1.01 is the version number of the game. It indicates that the game has been updated from its original release to fix some bugs or add some features. The latest version of the game as of April 2023 is v1.03.

  • PLUS 2 TRAINER is the name of the software tool that modifies the game. A trainer is a program that runs in the background while the game is running and allows the user to cheat or enhance the gameplay by altering some variables or memory addresses. A plus sign (+) followed by a number indicates how many options or features the trainer has. In this case, the trainer has two options: unlimited money and unlimited time.

  • OUTLAWS is the name of the group that created and released the trainer. OUTLAWS is a scene group that specializes in cracking and distributing video games and software tools. A scene group is a team of hackers or programmers who compete with each other to crack or reverse engineer software and release it to the public, often with their own modifications or enhancements. They usually add their name or tag to the file name or inside the file to claim credit for their work.

  • .rar is the file extension that indicates the type of the file. .rar is a compressed archive file format that can store multiple files or folders in a single file, reducing their size and making them easier to transfer or download. To open a .rar file, one needs a software program that can extract or decompress it, such as WinRAR or 7-Zip.

In summary, Jos Dream Organic Coffee v1.01 PLUS 2 TRAINER OUTLAWS.rar is a compressed archive file that contains a modified version of a video game and a software tool that can cheat or enhance it, created and released by a scene group called OUTLAWS.


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