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Madden NFL 22 was the first "next-gen" edition for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Many gamers think it was a minor advancement into the next era of gaming, and there's plenty more to come to come in Madden 24. It's not just about improved presentation or greater immersive graphics than before Mut 24 coins. Below we've highlighted some of the features EA should look into in more depth to improve the quality of this top-selling franchise.

AI with more intelligence to stop repetitive games

Certain Madden 22 players grown annoyed at their inability use the AI's capabilities to dominate with certain selective games. EA is required to focus on reimagining the AI in order to become more savvy to regular plays, and urging AI coaches as well as teams to find ways to combat the threat of a human player.

Greater emphasis placed on home field advantage

Being able to play on home turf could be a huge benefit to teams. It is only necessary to look at the raucous atmosphere that Green Bay Packers' fans generate to understand how much of an advantage they provide their team. EA ought to revisit its home field advantage policy to hinder teams to gain an advantage during road games.

A scouting suite that has been tweaked for new athletes

In Madden 22 The Franchise scenario was upgraded to the opportunity to use a new scouting system, which allowed players to take on the task of recruiting rookies. The system lacked key attributes on up-and-coming athletes, with players having no information on a rookie receiver's catching attributes such as cheap madden 24 coins.


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